Monday, September 26, 2005

Adventures at Adidas

Adidas ended another tourney saga in my long list of badminton adventures. I learned a lot in that tourney especially about what my goals are in terms of playing the game. I learned that you have to choose your tournaments well and not be blinded by advertisements. In adidas, I played only 2 games. The rest were all defaults in our favor. So how do you enjoy that? I want to win but not through walkovers. It's all about playing a good game thats all-- winning or losing is just secondary.

I was sick during the last two days of adidas. But that did not stop me from cheering my heart out for my friends. Since I was already out anyway, I decided to lose my voice while cheering for len & macre and peter & mike. Len & Macre won the women's doubles level c championship. Unfortunately Peter and Mike lost in a hotly constested three set game in the quarterfinals. I admired the fighting spirit of my favorite partner--despite not feeling well, he still managed to fight with his heart and soul. Kaw pa rin si Flash Gordon for me partner!

I learned about the beauty of friendship during the games. I learned who my real friends are and who are the people who matter to me. I learned not to care about what others may think of me but instead follow my heart and know what my goals and priorities are. So despite having a crappy tournament experience, adidas actually was a good memory--if only for the time I spent with my friends. Olympic's parking lot now has a newfound meaning for me.

In adidas I learned to laugh at defeat and enjoy the moment. I learned that in the end, we choose to either enjoy our lives or be bitter. Life is always a choice. We always have a choice.

But most of all, I learned that when you love something or someone, you allow them the space they need to be themselves. And you allow yourself the space also to be who you really are.

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