Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Senyorito!

Today is the birthday of my good friend Weevens-- my forever lunch date in admu who hates any notion of love, relationship and marriage. He's the anti romance guy. But he's also one of the most kalog people in the world. Life would never be dull with the weevans around. From Weevens my vocabulary expands by the hour-- cheapness, cheapetita, surelyly rosemarie,etc. And who could forget his famous singkit taray look? Or his numerous rituals on and off court?Kidding aside, if someone is to be blamed for my addiction in badminton--si weevens yon. He taught me to love the game. He was the first person to ever get me to play really serious badminton. But more than that, he is such a great friend to have around.

My wish for senyorito? That he find the love of his life soon so that I'll finally get to see him fall head over heels hopelessly devoted and pathetically in love. Or maybe I should just wish to finally see him wear the sleeveless look on court? I wonder which is more likely to come true?

Peace!! Happy Birthday!

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