Friday, September 16, 2005

Saying Goodbye to SB

I hate Goodbyes. I don't think there's anything good about it. It always brings about sadness and tears.

Last Night we said goodbye to our beloved homecourt--Shuttles Best Riverbanks. No one wanted to leave until the last flourescent lamp was shut off and the doors were finally locked for the last time. We played and partied till closing time and even got to celebrate one of the court's staff (Rodel) birthday in advance. We played great games, ate good food, and even drank some wine. We raided the cabinets of SB one last time and collected memorabilias. I got a bench (from our beloved Smokers' Nook) while Len and Rb got their respective championship banners. George collected all the shuttlecocks he could find while Karen, Josh, and Macre autographed our beloved court 1.

When the last game ended at 11:45, there was a sense of sadness in the air. Our beloved court was finally closing and we shall never be able to play in it again. My last game was a women's doubles game with Marie against Terry and Jonjon. I played 8 games last night-- one singles match, 5 women's doubles and 2 mixed doubles. I shall forever hold those memories dear.

The people who love SB were all there despite the heavy downpour- Peter, me, Mark, Macre, Karen, Annie, Bong, Mike, Tito Noel, Tita Nel, Rb, Luiz, Len and George (habol!!) plus some new friends like George, Mang Jun, the badmintown duo who gave us great mixed doubles challenges, etc. The staff was also complete-- Marie, Terry, Jonjon, Rodel, Isiaias, and tenten. Some who were not able to make it were also with us in spirit (Binky, Mike Liit, Marekoy Jeanette). It was great to be with the guys one last time.

While fixing our stuff Peter and I talked about how SB became our home the last couple of months. We actually spend more time in it than our own homes. "Wala na tayong tambayan" said Peter. I nearly cried when I heard that (buti na lang madilim!). Ella would often tell me that if I am missing at home, there's only one other place I'd be-- SB. SB changed the way I ran my social life. Before my gimiks were movies, coffee shops and bars. Now it's all badminton.

We've had great memories there in Shuttles Best. In SB I found my good friend again and formed a bond I shall cherish forever. Now I not only have a mixed partner but also found a second best friend. In SB I found my soul sisters--Macre, Karen, Len, Jeanette, Joy, Binky,and Marie. In SB I found my second mommy and daddy--tita nel and tito noel and honorary siblings--Rb and Kei. And in SB I found my kulit boys Emerson, Mike, Mark, George, and Luiz who never fail to make me laugh kahit na favorite akong asarin. I may have spent a lot on court fees the past year because of my daily habit at SB but I gained much much more.

In SB I found home.

The thought of not going to SB anymore on our usual TTHS habit depresses me. I think I am still in denial. I wish time stopped last night and the court never closed. Mark even joked that we'd form a picket line demanding that the court not be closed.

So at 12:35 am we trekked to our cars in the parking lot and looked back for the last time to the place we called home for over a year.

Goodbye Shuttles Best Riverbanks. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

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