Monday, September 12, 2005

Sleepy but Happy

I am walking zombie today. My arms and legs hurt and my mind feels like shutting down. But although I'm sleepy and can barely move my body, I am extremely happy. =)

For perhaps the last time, we played our Pamilya Badminton tournament at Shuttles Best Riverbanks yesterday. SB is set to close this coming Thursday and to bid our home farewell, we decided to have our favorite mixed doubles tournament. Peter and I were paired again for this round and my favorite partner and I managed to win 4th place. We had a magnificent run at the eliminations, winning all our matches. We tried a new playing strategy which worked for us. We played good matches in the semis and 3rd place but bowed to two formidable foes. Binky and Mike Liit eventually won the championships with Karen and Mike Tangkad taking 2nd place. My partner Marie and Rodel won 3rd.

The tournament held a special place in my heart as the past few days have been really taxing on my heart and sanity. Winning also meant that in all the pamilya tournaments, I've managed to win at least runner up place. 3 of those were with Peter as my partner and 1 was with Mike Tangkad and 1 with Mike Liit. =)

The past few days, I've seen the ugly side of badminton-- the politics and intrigues that come with competition. It really broke my heart to see how people can go to such great lengths (even to the point of hurting friends) just to ensure a win. Sad. Just like what Tito Noel told me, everyone just have different purposes in playing I guess. Some play for fame, some for glory, some for the money and win. But some also play for the love of the game.

But yesterday all those issues took a slight backseat (sort of) to give way to the fun tourney at SB. We played our patayan games once more--6 matches in the elims, 2 matches in semis and finals. Peter was with me all throughout especially when things got a bit stressful due to the issues on court lately. He made sure that I'd be okay. I am touched beyond words. He was all over the court once again which made me want to also do my best. Karen, Macre, Len and the rest of the players were extremely supportive too. I shall never forget how my friends protected me over the past three days. It made me realize how lucky I am to have them in my life.

After the games we trekked over to Len's house (our forever tambayan) and had a great dinner there (what else?! food from bonfire grill!). We chatted over the day's games again and the colorful events once more. We looked at the pics and had a grand time teasing each other about our bloopers on and off court. Karen had an instant homily session with Daddy but was all smiles when the much awaited text messages came...The gang was complete--Honey & Chocnut, Cookies & Cream, Goya & Curly Tops at of course-- Langka & Durian. Sino sila? Guess?!

We went home at midnight, tired but happy. Peter nearly didn't get home coz he couldn't open his car door--kala ko magbubukas kotse gang na kami! hehehe. Karen as usual was the first to speed away.

I'm gonna miss SB when it closes. I still have a silent prayer wishing for it to remain open. SB is quite dilapidated actually but its home. In SB I found my place in badminton and in SB I found my heart. I shall miss our smokers' lounge and our benches. I'll even miss the silaw on court. In SB I learned that badminton is never about equipment or court quality but it's about people. It's about playing the game to the best of your ability and being with your friends.

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