Friday, September 23, 2005

Happy Birthday Peter

One of my dearest friends is celebrating his birthday today. My favorite mixed doubles partner and kakulitan on and off court Peter is turning one year older (and wiser?!) today. Last night our badminton group gave him a surprise celebration while playing at club 650. It took several weeks of planning, but the surprise went well. I made some lasagna and brought cookies and cream cake from sweet inspirations while Karen brought softdrinks. Tita Nel and I were the ones who brought in the food at around 830 while the boys took turns at distracting our birthday celebrant.

I've known Peter for more than a decade. 11 years to be exact. I was a freshman in college when we first met and were co-applicants at UP MMC. Through the years we've become really good friends and if there's one person besides my best friend Ella who has been there for me through the ups and downs of my life, that would be Peter. We have had a lot of adventures together. Some of the most memorable moments include our two trips to Mt. Banahaw (groupmates kami both times) and our famous grass flavored sinigang plus our extra long tambay hours at UP MMC (mga furnitures ng tambayan) and our numerous trips out of town (Subic pa din ang the best!).
Peter has been there for me through all my bloopers and managed to rescue me from a lot of them. Like the time I forgot my car keys inside the car back in college (siya pa ang naghanap ng magbubukas) or when I forgot my badminton shoes during Alfonso cup (he zoomed to my house to get it). When my racket got stolen recently, he readily came to my rescue again and brought me his (and even became my cheering squad throughout the games). I wouldn't have won that championship without him. Kung ililista lahat ng moments na nirescue ako ni partner, mahaba na ang utang ko.

On court Peter gladly partnered with me during the first pamilya tournament despite my pathetic skills. He graciously encouraged me to improve my skills and inspired me to train and aspire for greater glory. He keeps me grounded and sane when things get really hard for me at work and at home. One time I was so down from comps, he cheered me up the whole afternoon. And when some people recently bad mouthed me because of badminton, he made sure that I was protected from their bitchiness. He's not much of a showy person but he's always there. He's my second best friend and I am glad that he is in my life.

Masayang kakulitan si Peter. Sa kanya ko lang nalaman na ang sta mesa ay nasa laguna at ang giraffe ay may dalawang paa. Dahil sa kanya nagkabukol ako sa display window ng wellcom sa riverbanks (oh god how we laughed that day). I often end up doing the most stupid things when with him but he always manages to make me feel good about it.

He may be the most pathetic textmate in the world but when you need him, he will always be there.

Happy birthday partner! sorry sa mga piso ko sa yo kagabi! promise di ko sinasadya!!! =P

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