Saturday, September 24, 2005

Being Happy

There's a smile on my face this morning that no one can erase. And even if I lack sleep, I know I will be okay. Because today I am happy. And today I promise to be happy despite feeling unwell. I came down with slight fever yesterday but true to my go go self, instead of resting I ended up gimiking until 2am. I had dinner with my college friends in honor of Peter's birthday. It's been a while since the gang got together as a group and it was nice to see everyone once again. We had a blast drinking beer and eating our share of early death food (aka crispy pata, pusit, kare kare). I got drunk a bit as I managed to down 4 bottles of beer in about an hour. Fortunately we were near the cr so it was not an issue for me when I had to take a cr break every 10 minutes or so. We talked about the latest chickas going on with our respective batchmates and basically updated each other on the comings and goings of our lives.

After dinner we trekked to starbucks, first in metrowalk, but after about 10 minutes of struggling for parking we decided to go to their emerald branch instead. There we witnessed Peter's latest car blooper (hehehe). Lyzet remained the star of the night with her nerve wracking statements and questions. Nearly fell of my seat because of some of them.

Last night was a nice ending for a tough work week. I've been through hell this week. But I made it through the hell because of some really great friends.

time to go to adidas...

Thank you for putting the smiles in my life.

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