Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend without SB

Our first weekend without our beloved homecourt was spent at the adidas badminton challenge. Everytime people asked where our group played we found ourselves at a loss on what to answer. It was a sad reminder of the bitter truth that as of last friday-we wer officially badminton nomads-- homeless people searching for a new court.

The gang tried Greenpark badminton last saturday after the boys' rounds 1 and 2 matches at adidas. Nearly everyone was there except for Mike and the Pamilya Badminton. The court looked nice and the flooring was definitely a big improvement compared to SB. But still, it was different--it wasn't home. There was no smokers' tambayan outside with our beloved benches for one thing. And because the court operates on a first come first served basis, we had to continously play in order not to lose our court.

After playing for nearly four hours, we trekked to Len's and had our usual saturday night inuman. Peter and Mark took turns in being makulit and maingay (hala! nagalit tuloy si mommy!) while laughing over George's car blooper last thursday. We had a sumptous dinner of grill queen products with san mig light and coke. When we ended at 130 am we were all ready to fall asleep dead tired.

Yesterday, it was the women's turn to play at adidas. First up was Binky and Liezel who anihilated their opponent at level D. Next was my partner Marie and me also at Level D. It was also an easy match but when we watched our next opponents' match on the adjacent court, it appeared that we're up for some really tough matches next week. Karen and Joy also won over their opponent at level E while Len and Macre had an exciting match against their equally tough opponents in level C. The gang joined in the protest against a team that was totally mislevelled at level C. Apparently the team was a relative of the tournament director.

As of yesterday our team had the following win-lose records: Men's Level C-Rodel & Zorro (0-2), Isaias & Mang Jun (1-1); Men's Level D- Peter & Mike (2-0), Terry & Jabar (2-0); Women's Level C- Len & Macre (1-0); Women's Level D- Hazel & Marie (1-0), Binky & Liezel (1-0); Women's Level E- Karen & Joy (1-0), Ella & Lanie (1-0); Mixed Level C- Tito Noel & Tita Nel (0-2)

We ended our night with our traditional dinner this time at hotrocks-- it's actually our first weekend without bonfire. Somehow, nakakamiss din pala ang walang kamatayang sisig at salpicao.

Our first weekend without SB. I miss our home.

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