Monday, August 01, 2005

Busy Weekend

Had another full weekend. The all jesuit (my 4th tournament in 5 weeks) tournament was held at club 650. Unfortunately my partner and I didn't fare well. Kinda disappointing because the tourney marks my first anniversary in joining badminton tournaments. Sad that we didn't win a game and we even defaulted our last game. But no regrets. It was still a learning experience and now its time to move on.

After the games last saturday I consoled myself with my comfort food-- fried sharksfin dumpling from Pao tsin and my comfort activity-- badminton. Went to SB and met up with my SB pals and played till 11:45pm. Macre would not let me quit despite feeling extra tired already. At 12 midnight, Peter, Mike, Luis and I decided to go have late dinner (or early breakfast) at Tapsi ni Vivian. Yummy food. The guys pigged out (sige na nga me too). Champion eater was Peter who had three fried eggs. Goodluck sa cholesterol! hehehe.

Sunday was Karen's birthday celebration at Mcdonalds. After getting the confirmation that we were indeed defaulting I decided to go to her party straight away. The party had a special meaning to us because she was granting the wish of a 6 year old child with Aplastic Anemia. Personally the day also had a special meaning because it would have been my brother's birthday had he lived. He would have been 13 yesterday. So I celebrated his birthday by giving joy to a sick kid and it made the day worth it. Despite feeling extra frustrated, the day turned out to be one special day.

After the party we hangged out n Mcdo for a while then Peter, Mike and I headed back to our second "home" SB. Peter's treat of bbq dinner was yummy. Thanks pedro!=) After our trip to the mall, we went to Len's house where the rest of the group was waiting for us. The night was capped with never ending kulitans courtesy of Mark and George. buti na lang lasing kayo kasi favorite niyo kami kagabi eh!hahaha

It was one busy weekend but happy nonetheless. My mom's been telling me that I've been having too much fun. Maybe I am. But still I find myself wondering, what's wrong with it? For the first time in years, Im actually looking forward to getting up in the morning and work seems not to be as burdensome as before.

Maybe I need this to bring some balance in my life.

Sometimes I wish you'd know me. I mean really know me. Maybe then you'd realize the truth about me.
You have the knack for surprising me and making me feel special during moments when I need cheering up the most. I don't know if I thank you enough.
Thank you. I just wish you knew.

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