Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jericho Marathon and Getting Locked Out

I've started to watch a new tv series here called Jericho. It's about a town that got hit by a nuclear fallout. I haven't exactly figured out the entire plot yet but it seemed interesting. Last night I watched 3 episodes here in my laptop with Jesse over Charles' place before falling asleep. Tama si Charles you have to really watch it to get the story coz it's not your typical tv show. I hope it turns out to be one good show.

It was raining last night so we just stayed indoors and ate breakfast for dinner. hahaha. Breakfast kasi ang menu--hotdog, fried eggs, sinangag, knorr chicken sopas, and leftover sisig. Iba pa din talaga ang purefoods tender juicy hotdog with matching delmonte tomato ketchup. The best! Simple pleasures that make a day truly special. Talo ang mga high class restaurants sa menu namin. The four of us--Charles, Diomer, Jesse and me were so full after that we barely could catch our breaths. Talagang gluttony. hahaha. We took turns sharing our favorite ways of eating purefoods tender juicy hotdog (with mayo, with mayo and ketchup, with mustard, etc..) kala mo tuloy ginutom kami ng isang daang taon! hahaha.

I woke up slightly before 6am at the sound of Jesse's alarm clock. Talagang magugulat ka sa alarm! Parang may sunog sa lakas eh. . He went off to his house and prepare for work while I went back to my room hoping to sleep some more. Unfortunately when I got here my housemates sort of forgot that I wasn't in yet so they locked the inner padlock. Di tuloy ako makapasok!! kaya bumalik na lang ako kina charles to sleep again. Ayan ang tinatawag na blooper! Reminds me of the time when I got locked out in Manila and slept inside my car till my mom woke up at 7am. ...Muling naantala ang tulog when I got a call from someone looking for his missing ID. So hanap naman daw ako all over the sala. haha. Turned out nasa belt bag niya. Hay nako! iba na talaga ang tumatanda.:P peace! hehehe.

Finally at 9am di ko na matiis kinatok ko na sina housemates. They looked apologetic naman. I was dying to get into the shower coz I was still wearing my clothes from yesterday. I cleaned the toilet as well coz it was kind of dirty already.

Another typical weekend in the life of the dreamer. I wonder what's in store for today.

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