Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Musings

Checking up on my blog this morning, aba to my surprise my chat box is filled with new messages!! Aliw! Happy feet and Niel came by to visit. Nice to know that my blog is being visited. haha. May nagreklamo pa nga na tinitira ko daw siyang matanda! :P peace! Sige na nga di na po, lolo. hehehe.

My sister once asked me how come people enjoy blogging so much. I told her that maybe it's because blogs allow you to connect to others and write about your life in a way that you still know that you're being listened to. Unlike regular journals of which I'm also fond of, blogs allow for interaction. At least you know that you won't have to wait till your dead for someone to actually read your thoughts.

Had a really nice weekend. Played badminton last Saturday. Sobrang kulitan on court. Partnered with Charles against a thai duo and despite losing the third set in a closely matched game, we really played well. To think dalawang guys pa yon. Halos mamatay ako sa pagod. Syempre bodega galore diba? hehehe. My favorite game was when Jinkee and I partnered against the boys--Rey and Jesse. Loko yung dalawa eh. Pinagtripan kami. Gumanti tuloy ang girl power. We won! hahaha. After the long games we retired to Charles' place and ate the carbonarra I cooked for dinner. Syomay! ang sarap kumain! Seeing the guys' faces after the meal was enough to remove the tired feeling from cooking that carbonarra. It's hard to find ingredients here in Malaysia. I still get lost inside the grocery.

Sunday was more restful. Woke up late and ended up locking my keys inside my room! haha. blooper talaga. Couldn't get out of the house tuloy. Sige na katangahan na po!!! Fortunately Kelly was home so she opened the door for us. After lunch at Charles we brought Jom's gift at Endah Regal. Loved her reaction when she realized na ang padala ay para pala sa kanya. Sayang wala akong camera. Afterwards we went to mass.. And yes ella, di ako nasunog!haha

During mass, there was this little kid who was so cute. He was with his parents seated in front of us in church and he kept on grasping for my hand. He wanted to shake hands. The kid was super friendly that one can't help but smile and play with him. I'm usually that easily approached by little kids but somehow he liked me. hahaha. He had a cute dimple and he smiled a lot. He even tried to hand me the hymm book. Hmm siguro naaliw sa katabi kong clown! hahaha.. (uy may magtatampo na diyan! :p)

After mass we headed of to times square berjaya where my fear of heights was once again tested. Looking down from the tenth floor I felt my knees wobble a bit. Jesse asked why I was scared of heights and for the life of me I really can't recall why. Maybe it was because I fell down from the bed when i was a kid leaving me with a tiny Harry potter like scar on my forehead? Or maybe because my aunt dragged me to the rollercoaster when I was 4 or 5 when I hated it? I really have no idea. I was actually told that it was purely psychological (nahiritin ang psychologist!) and I definitely agree. But somehow realizing that and actually getting over it can be quite challenging. Had dinner after at the 10'th floor foodcourt. Yummy fried rice. Kalimutan na daw muna ang diet!

Totoo nga you won't feel the weekend especially when you do so many things. Pagod but enjoy. And ngayon it's monday again.. I wonder what is in store this week..

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