Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Goodbye Moe

We called him Moemoe--short for his real name of Mozart. Actually Ves once renamed him Mozarella Del Monte Pizza Sauce Madirigma Why? Wala lang. We give our cats funny names. We once had a cat named Datu Sylvester Kamlon Javert Wiwi, Datu for short. He looked like Sylvester the cartoon cat and he stole things so we called him Kamlon and he would pee all over the house hence the wiwi. Javert came from Les Miserables which we saw one time. Oliver's name on the other hand is Sir Oliver Bacatelli/Gwapotelli Amoy Amoy Wiwi. hahaha.

Anyway, Moe was our most loyal cat. If there was an award for loyalty that would be Moe. He never left the house. Rain or shine, food or no food. He was just there in our garage. Even when he started losing hair and became ugly that no one wanted to touch him, he was still there. He was a great mouse hunter. Oftentimes he would leave "offerings" in front of our door to remind us of his talent. Several months ago when a small mouse got in the house it was Moe who anihilated in in one big gulp. Our guests often cringed at the sight of him coz he was not pretty. He loved to go towards people but because of his unsightly sores people often refer to him as "panget." But he stayed. And he had such a beautiful heart. He would take care of Poch's kittens kahit na male cat siya. He was the resident yaya of all of poch's kittens. Ang kaaway lang niya talaga ay si Polie who was admittedly our favorite. How many times have i spanked moe because he struck olie. Yet moe never fought back.

Moe died today. My mom found him under my car. I cried when I heard the news. I guess it never really occured to me that one day Moe would be gone. Now poch is all by herself. Wala na ang Moe and Poch tandem (mother and son) that would always be waiting for me in the garage. Moe always trusted my driving that he never bothered getting out of the way when I would be parking or backing out. I still can't believe that the next time I come home, there won't be any mozart to greet me by the door.

When someone dies it pains us. I know it sounds simpler when you lose a pet. But for us who loved them-nothing is simple-- it's still a loss. It's like losing a part of your family. Only this family member is not someone walking upright but rather it has four legs. I lost a family member today. And I can't help but feel such great sadness. When you lose a friend, you know that things will never be the same again.

I love you Moe. Thanks for the wonderful memories--for more than 7 years of memories. Thank you for being such a loyal cat. I know you're definitely in heaven no. Say hi to patricia for us. Mandirigma Family rules forever!

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Ina said...

How sad mare... I know how it feels. Ako minsan naprapraning pag naiisip ko mga alaga ko. Hay... part of the family na talaga... Parang mga babies na nga turing namin...

I know Moe is in good hands na... Hehehe! Although napraning kami nung xmas dinner dahil sa daga na nahuli nya... hehehe! Aliw si flo! :)