Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Return.. of the Inuman Nights

SB nights are back.. We had our first return of the comeback session last night at our favorite spot in Endah Villa. The three guys (Jesse, Diomer, Charles) and I braved the rains to have our first drinking session since I returned from Manila. We had our usual beer concoction of tiger and dark beer. I brought some boy bawang and spicy dilis over from my room and the four of us laughed the night away. Kanya kanyang trip-- from listening to christmas carols (pasko na sinta ko!) and teasing each other to death. We even got to say hello through text to Happy Feet who was on a night out gimiking in Manila. We all wished we were back home but since we can't teleport our way there, we consoled ourselves with beer and nuts.

Prior to the inuman we ate tinolang manok courtesy of our chef congressman. haha. Sarap! I was supposed to cook but our resident chef volunteered to do so. I even got a free lecture on how to slice sayote the right way (may right and wrong way pala!).

Now I am quite sleepy. The session ended around midnight and I fell asleep in the couch. Woke up at 6am to return to my room and get ready for work. Talagang back to the olden days na.. hehehe. It's nice to be back though..

Sabi nga ni Boy Phookistan..."walang sukuan.."

We're back!!

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