Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who is Chin Chaw Fan? :P

I saw Lee Chong Wei in person last night. I was having late dinner with Sir Charles and Ann at the Bakuteh when we saw our idol badminton player eating on the other table. He looked so ordinary and if you didnt know how he looked like from the badminton magazines and newspapers you won't have any idea that we were actually eating beside an international badminton star. I wanted to ask for his autograph but nahiya si charles eh. Then it started to rain so he left eventually. Wow imagine that seeing one of my badminton idols in person. With the Malaysian Open starting today, I was so dying to ask him about his thoughts. Oh well, there'll be a next time. I hope.

I texted Luis immediately about it coz I know he'd be excited as me. I also texted some other friends. My favorite reaction was that of Jesse's who asked this morning how was Chin chaw fan (whoever that is). He was referring to Lee Chong Wei. I think Jesse mixed him up with the menu in chow king. haha. It was so funny. Now I have an addition to my list of pang-asar sa kanya. Ka level to ni Diana Ross as wonder woman. Peace!!! hahaha.. I was laughing so hard in my room I think my housemates thought I was going crazy or something.

Our conversation and his chin chaw fan remark lifted my spirits as I was having a slightly "moody" morning. Hormones I guess. I had a bad headache last night and I was feeling kinda off all night. kawawa nga yung mga targets ng moodiness ko eh.but friendship is right-- nakakamoody talaga minsan.hehehe

But I'm okay now. The chin chaw fan was enough to make me smile. Sino nga kaya si Chin Chaw Fan?hahaha


Ina said...

aaaaliiiwwwww!!!! :)

Kathleen said...

hahaha, grabe, natawa ako! kahit di ko kilala si chin chaw fan... lalo na si diana ross as wonder woman... lol... grabe, nakainom lang yata ako kaya mabilis ako maaliw. lol..

Hazel said...

hahaha.. you should me laugh nung sinabi sa kin na si diana ross si wonder woman! hehehe.. enough to make my day (PEACE CONG!!).

di ko rin kilala si chin chaw fan..