Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nine Mornings

I was in Manila for a total of Nine Mornings. Pang Piolo Pascual-Donita Rose movie ito! And in those nine mornings I spent more time awake than asleep with all the reunions and parties that I had to go to. I have no regrets though. I enjoyed every freaking minute of it.

Day1: Dec. 24--Arrival-- after flying in from KL with no sleep, I went straight home to have late lunch with momsi and ves. I was still quite in a zombie state when I got home so I rested a bit lang the entire night. Eto na pala ang huling araw ng pahinga!

Day 2: Dec. 25--Reunion with Santos Family-- our traditional lunch with Tita Thel and Tito Ted only this time minus Ning and Beryl who are both in the US now and Randy who was taong bahay. I cooked pancit and pata tim (yon pala ang tawag dun!) while chatting online sa ym (multitasking). Went to mass at 6pm and had dinner with Fr. Ben after at Gerry's grill. Sayang lang walang inihaw na pusit at kinilaw ng tanigue. After bringing mommy and ves home I was off to late night coffee with ella. We used her starbucks coupon and had long awaited chikka session till 1am

Day 3: Dec. 26--; Badminton at GBC, Shopping with mommy and chat sa ym. Whole day running around affair siya. I was half attached to my phone kaya I bet my bill will skyrocket again this month!At GBC, I played 3 matches. It should have been more but I arrived late.hahaha. I injured myself sa first match pa lang but syempre pasaway, I still played. I enjoyed my game with Luis the most. It was nice partnering with him again. We still move well together despite not playing for quite a while. He wasn't supposed to come that night but buti na lang he came. Sadly though I wasn't able to patch things up with my other friends so that was a sour moment of the night. But it was comforting to know that I still have other friends there to keep me happy.

Day 4: Dec. 27-- Day off with ella!-- a.k.a. gluttony day. We pigged out sa shakeys with classmate adrian. Three people pero ang order pang 7 ata! 1 family pizza, 5 pcs chicken, basket of mojos. We walked it off a bit sa megamall where I was searching for christmas gifts. unfortunately di ako wagi. We went na lang for kikayness sa David's salon and had a haircut, manicure and pedicure. Then off to seattles best to have coffee with lyzet and then isaw at Querico. Ewan ko bat di kami nabubusog. The day's highlight-- Lyzet's smile and Adrian's laugh. Why? Ask niyo na lang sila.

Day 5: Dec. 28-- Mall, Coffee and GBC Inuman--Mall with Momsi again and then off to coffee with Friendship Maan. We updated each other on the events of our lives. Patalbugan ng mga happenings. She gave me a really nice necklace which she made personally. AWWW ang cute!!! I'm so touched. Afterwards we did some more shopping for the SB boys (ang orders ng yosi at dried mangoes po hinabol!) before I headed off to GBC. For the first time in my badminton career I didn't mind not playing. As in it was a total surprise that I decided to just skip play. Tita cons and I just bought bbq and off we went to Harry's for the GBC inuman. That lasted till 4am pano ang daming humabol-- luis whom marlo and i picked up sa eastwood at 1am (martyr daw kami sabi ni tita cons! but syempre kulang ang party pag di kumpleto diba?) after his date and boss vic na 3am na dumating (he doesnt arrive late daw, he just arrives when he wants to arrive!haha). Nearly had a heart attack on my way home with pau's driving. hahaha. After dropping off luis home I was finally asleep at 4am. Whew!

Day 6: Dec. 29- Meetings, Bondings, and P10 dinner--Woke up at 8am to have breakfast with Ves and mommy. Then off to Metrowalk for my meeting with Angeli. We talked about the programmes here at work and the things we need to do when I get back. I went to visit Len after and we had a mini bonding session. I kinda missed our "talks" back when I was still in Manila. I think she is still in shock from all the stories I shared. haha. By the time I noticed it, it was already 330 and I had to go home to prepare for my party at 7pm. Took a short nap when I got home and started cooking at 7pm (sige not so short nap!).. The p10 girls came first then followed by Charrie and Chris. Then Obet and Bojo came followed by Ella, Lyzet, Aldwin and lady. The party lasted until 2:30am. My head was already spinning then after downing 1.5 cases of beer. Asar talo ako as ever everytime my phone would beep especially when it was my digi line. Naku! loko tong si don obet eh! ibenta talaga ako. Damayan pa ni lyzet at ang kanyang mga mega hirits!

Day 7: Dec. 30-- More shopping, Binyagan, at Inuman sa Timog--Riverbanks and DVD shopping with mommy-- treated my mom to a footspa after shopping for dvds. Ran more errands for her and did some last minute grocery shopping din. After dropping her off at home I went o be ninang at Aya's christening at greenmeadows. Reunion with the bridget gals afterwards and then after dinner party at FJ's in timog with tita connie and tito morris. Birthday pala ni lolo mike kaya we celebrated it with him. Funny dun di pa kami magkakilala talaga nun. Nakiparty lang ako.hehehe.

Day 8: Dec. 31-- The last day of the year--New Year's eve lunch with Santos Family-- another family tradition not to be missed. Arrived quite late kasi I was kinda sidetracked a bit by a certain sleepy person. haha. We realized that this was our LAST family lunch at the old pingpong table coz tito ted is finally retiring in May. It was kinda nostalgic and a bit lonely thinking that we won't get to spend new year's there anymore next year. We took pictures to send to beryl and ning. Kinalimutan ng tuluyan ang diet at inupakan ang crispy pata, lumpiang shanghai, bbq, at karekare. YUMMY... Two hours later we were FULL... Spent the next few hours glued to the computer coz someone apparently fell asleep and was so dizzy.. naguilty naman akong di damayan.:P I broke my chat record (6hours! kaya pala masakit na mata ko!) Next thing I knew 8pm na pla and it was dinner time. Kaya pala masungit na si ves. We had our new year's eve dinner of leftovers and then my family decided to sleep. What a way to spend new year's right? Ako?! I jumped on the bed when 12mn struck! Yes! umaasa pa din akong tatangkad ako.

Day 9: Jan 1-- LAST DAY!... Decided to spend it with my family at home. Did laundry and cooked macaroni and cheese with Ves. Tito willy came by late in the afternoon followed by ella and lyzet. Furiously finished packing and readied myself for my return. Grabe tapos na ang bakasyon.

UWIAN NA--Jan 2--while nursing a fever, i drove to clark and boarded a plane back to KL. Back to reality na. Back to work. Chicken afritada was waiting for me at Charles' house when I got to Endah Villa courtesy of our resident cook and handyperson Jesse. The guys were so sweet to wait for me when I got back. At least I didn't have to go back to my ever quiet room kaagad. When Jesse brought me back he even helped me unpack. Nakakahiya nga lang ang state ng aking room kasi makalat (kelan ba hindi?). hahaha. Nakakataba ng puso how people can make you feel better by just being there.

The vacation was too short when you think about it but it was well lived. How I survived with just a slight fever amazes me to this moment.

Till the next homecoming..

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