Sunday, January 21, 2007

Not so Lazy Sunday.. and more SB adventures

It's sunday again. The last day of the week to rest and rejuvinate.

I was up early today. Slept at Ann's last night coz she wanted to watch heroes on my laptop. Jesse and I had breakfast together before heading off to mass at St. John's. Ella was teasing me about my going to church since I hardly go when I was still based in Manila. At least mom was very happy to hear that I went to mass. I guess part of me just wanted to say thank you for all the blessings I've been receiving lately. It's been a while since I have been happy and after everything that went through in my life the past months, I'm grateful that I've been blessed with so many gifts.

I felt a bit of deja vu at St. Johns. There were so many pinoys. Even the menu in the makeshift carinderia was pinoy. We had menudo and giniling and sort-of adobo. It felt as if I was transported back home. Everytime someone talked in tagalog I couldn't help but swerve my head a bit. While waiting for the mass Jesse and I chatted and joked about how pinoy Dh's dressed in full regale. Sobrang sosyal. I couldn't help but tease him too when he would pull down the hem of my skirt everytime my knee slightly showed. haha. It was so funny coz he was more conscious than me. I guess I'm not used to being girlie girlie here in KL. Even back home I've never been your typical girl. Sabi nga ni mommy, anak pag girl ang look, act like a girl..hahaha..

After mass I went off to walk a bit and then went home. Have to do my laundry naman. My housemate/landlady has this notion that we should pool all our laundry items into one giant load before doing the laundry to save water daw. anak ng tinapa kaya ang dami ko tuloy labada! imagine 1.5 weeks worth of clothes. buti na lang i finally figured out the washing machine. now if only our iron was better.. i havent ironed any clothes since i got back last jan. pang weight lifter ba naman yung plantsa dito.

Right now I'm waiting for my second load of laundry to finish. Killing some time by chatting online. How I wish ganito na lang dito sa house dito--me, myself, and I. Walang weirdo housemates. haha.


The SB had another TGIF event last friday courtesy of Boy Brochito I think.. Our official drink--Balakov Vodka and orange juice were the mix of the night. I arrived late as I came from badminton at petaling jaya. Fortunately dinner was waiting for me when I got to our official tambayan (Thank you!!!). After quickly downing my dinner of pancit, I joined in the group who were already drinking the night away.

For the second time in history I actually got drunk. I wasn't dead drunk but I was tipsy. I guess the fatigue finally got to me again. Add that to the fact that Obet and Charles were giving me extra high drinks pag tagay ko na. Buti na lang may taga agaw ako kaso nahuhuli eh saka siya din may tama na. I fell asleep leaning on Jesse's shoulders after a while. I tried to purge much of the alcohol inside the cr but of course I still had way too much to drink. So I just slept. By the time I woke up it was time to move out of our tambayan and go home. I could hear everyone's voices while walking home but I was way too sleepy to say my goodbyes.

It was a nice drinking session. Everyone had a good time. Despite almost everyone being drunk or half drunk, we maintained a semblance of decorum. Imagine di kami kinatok ng endah villa guard for a change!hahaha.Sabi ni charles, pinagbigyan na lang daw siguro kami since we haven't been noisy for a long time. hahaha. We had some newbies with us--ruby, the newest baby of the group plus tina's two sisters--marisa and ikai. Irving was our clown of the night and Charles became the newest tangero (kaso madaya!hahaha). Diomer had to pass every now and then (baka bumalik ang sakit!) and Jesse was back to normal--tinulugan din kami. hehehe. Nahawa nga ata ako.

What was missed was the mamak tradition though. No one had the energy to even move and walk to Kinrara, the place to be. Someone cooked maggi soup though kaya parang nasa mamak na rin kami. When I was given a cup to drink, as much as I wanted to drink it, I couldnt coz I felt like throwing up anytime (sounds so familiar. hahaha). Jesse forced me to take some para mawala daw ang amats ko. So I took a few sips before giving up and falling asleep again.

Tama si Jom, we may look like pathetic people with our vices that are meant to kill the body. But we are not completely patapon. In fact we do pretend to be normal during mornings and late afternoons when we have to do our extra curricular activities called work. I guess at the end of the day we all just want to shed our business suits and be back to our old crazy selves. And when you're in a strange country with nothing much to do, these get togethers can spell the thin line between going crazy due to boredom and homesickness and suicide. hahaha.

Another weekend almost over. Next week is a busy week ahead. I'll actually work for a change. Sabi nga ni charles, magtrabaho ka naman! hahaha..

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