Thursday, January 04, 2007

Muni Muni sa Umaga

I'm at the Chulan Tower today at our KL teaching centre. I'm helping out my student from Burma make sense of her assessment paper for my class which is due next month. Some say it's not my responsibility anymore but part of me feels the need to help her more coz I too was once a student and I too was once as lost as she was. So now that I have the chance to give back the kindness (and unkindness) that were given to me by my former profs, I'd like to take time to help her out. pero still nakakafrustrate ha! di kami magkaintindihan kaya!

This morning I woke up early despite sleeping late last night. My sleep was kinda disturbed I guess coz I'd wake every 45 minutes or so. By the time it was 7am I didn't want to sleep anymore. So I just opted to do my laundry and force myself to do my reflecting while figuring out the machine. Di ko malaman kung eng eng lang ako pero di ko ma on yung water kanina. hay buhay!

I got out of the house at 8:45 and after getting lost again in KL, I finally found my way here in Chulan Tower. Mel told me that it was going to be a bit of a walk. She failed to tell me that it was one heck of a walk! hahaha. And I'm wearing heels pa naman and skirt. Not to mention I have my laptop with me. So ayan ang beauty parang nag amazing race again sa KL. I just laughed at myself to keep myself amused. At least it took my mind off the things I was thinking of this morning.

Right now I feel my head floating and I'm starting to feel sleepy. Walang matinong YM dito sa I'm forced to make do with the wap version. ang hirap pala! effort ang gamitin siya! My student is busy trying to make sense of her theories while I'm here doing my blog while waiting for her next kulit question.

Still trying to figure out some things.. Am I making sense at all today? hahaha.. Tama si ella, complications complications complications! :P

sige na nga magpapanggap na muli akong magtrabaho

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TeBaN said...

hehe. parang ang saya ng buhay amazing race! exciting. hehehe. happy new year jaime!