Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I just came from eating late lunch with Charles and Obet at carrefour. I'm starting to feel the effects of food that I am slowly feeling sleepy. I did my laundry earlier much to the dismay of my housemate. Minsan naiimbyerna na talaga ako sa kanya.. magastos daw sa tubig ang maglaba. hello anong gagawin ko?! di maglaba? hahaha.. Fortunately my mood perked a bit when I finally got my internet connection running. At least I can chat the day away and download stuff I need for work.

I'm starting to love weekends again. When I left Manila I didn't like weekends anymore coz it meant doing nothing. Now I'm starting to like it again. I'm glad. Last night I got to play badminton with the Pinoys here and eat late dinner of hotdog and steak courtesy of don obet. Our grand master is back from his vacation in the Philippines. After a quick chikka we went home and I think I fell asleep almost instantly. My back was aching from the hard play but thanks to my personal masseuse, my back got the relief it needed. pwede ng second career! haha

One thing I miss though--my conversations with ella. we have to make do with texting now. How I wish I could still call her and spend hours chatting with her on the phone. I kinda miss her and classmate's laugh. I know they'd love to hear from me right now. hahaha.. May utang pa ko kay classmate na inventory. hehe.

Okay so back to surfing... i'm cooking dinner later

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