Friday, January 19, 2007

Thoughts in the Park

Walked along KLCC park yesterday evening on my way home from work. I wanted to take some time off to relax and let my mind wander a bit. Had a long day and I could feel my head getting heavier so I gave in to my inner need to just get lost for a while. On days when I'm feeling out of my synched self, I do this--just do some "me" time.

While walking around the park I noticed how people clump together in small subgroups and that you'd realize how certain people go together. It's like in that movie Love Actually where in an airport you'll see so many forms of love going around. In a park, you can see so many forms of people (or should I say kinds?) of people walking and going about. Since I was by myself I thought I'd observe them a bit.

Inside the park there are several types of people going about

1. the families--they bring with them their little kids and usually stay near the fountains or the playground. Most of the moms spend time wandering with their kids in the swings while the dads smoke or sit in the benches.
2. the lovebirds--obviously the park is riddled with them--those couples who are so engrossed in each other without care or notice that they are in a public place; those wanting a cheap but utterly romantic date. You see them scattered in the remotest areas of the park usually arms entwined or heads bowed while whispering in silence. One can't help but envy them when you're by yourself coz they look so happy. (there's a small subgroup though--the fighting lovebirds--the ones who create drama in the park.haha)
3. the exercise buffs-- People who prefer the natural gym over high tech places like fitness first. The jog, do yoga, stretch, and even run around the park. They have have a world of their own and would give you a stern bwiset look when you accidentally jump into their jogging path. They come in all sizes and shapes.
4. the groupies-- groups of tourists or locals who flock the park like birds out to migrate. They walk slowly and with their cameras in tow like no one else is walking behind them. I call them the field trip people. Some gossip while sitting around. Some just joke around. Back in UP we called them "the freshies" in reference to the 1st year people who flock around in groups.
5.the tourists & passersby-- the lone tourist and the passerby-- the ones who usually go to the park as a way to get to another area of the city. They carry backpacks and cameras (sometimes), and walk either too fast or too slow. Some take time to stop and take pictures or ask locals for directions while others just briskly go about their way without admiring the beauty of nature around them.
6. the guys--pairs of guys just hanging around. Yesterday there was this pair who was quite interesting to look at--one guy was crying his heart out while the other was comforting him. Siguro iniwan ng girlfriend haha. chismosa!
7. the girls--pairs of girls just hanging around--a.k.a. the best friends
8. the loners (a.k.a. munimuni people)-- yesterday i belonged to this category. you can also call us the closet boy abunda's and kris aquino-- mga taong nakikichizmiss sa buhay ng iba while reflecting on our lives. People who just want to walk around the park a bit to regroup their sense of self. They look lost at times and can be sometimes mistaken for a tourist passing by but when you take a closer look, they actually go there by choice. And most of the time they are in deep thought.
9. the sleepers-- people who go to the park to sleep either because they are too tired or they are homeless. nakakainggit sila coz they look so relaxed without a care in the world.

You see there are lots of mixes of people in the park. The reasons why they stay in the park can also be quite unique. Each has his own agenda--to relax, enjoy the sights, take a shortcut, meet a loved one, break up with someone, get back with someone, etc. One thing they all have in common though is that they come to the park with their dreams and wishes. They come to the park to find some missing part in their lives and escape reality for a while. For when you're inside a park-- the world is stress free. The world is your apple and for a brief moment you're completely at bliss.

People come to the park in the hope that when they do get back to the real world, things will be better once again.


I took down a part of my previous blog. I didn't know that it hurt a friend so I decided to take it down. I didn't mean it that way so part of my way of saying sorry is removing it. You're right we are not perfect. :) I'm sorry if it made you feel bad. Didn't mean it that way. Thank you for telling me.

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Ina said...

We saw some of them in Salcedo Park kanina... diba Mariel? Maski gabi meron pa...

Kulang list mo... dagdag mo mga security guard na masama ang tingin sa mga babaeng nakatambay... akala siguro eh may hunky punky!!! Hehehe!!! mga baliw!

(dito lang ata sa pinas un...) :p