Thursday, January 18, 2007

Morning Walk and the Big 30

I just came from a little walk from KLCC to Chulan tower. I'm stationed here at the KL teaching facility today so I didn't have to go to Semenyih. Met up with Jesse at Carrefour at 830 today and then we had breakfast at the Bukit Jalil sports complex. Super nakakabusog ang food. Di ko alam parang nageexpand ata yung rice and chicken nila. There was a slight blooper coz we couldn't make the lady understand our orders. I was ordering Iced Lemon Tea and she gave me Tea Ice. Oh Well. It was funnier when it was time for us to pay. She was speaking in malay and I couldnt understand what she was saying. My counting is till the number 3 only. After a few minutes and one interpreter later, we were finally off. It was a quick ride from BJ to Masjid Jamek then to KLCC. We were laughing all the way and took turns teasing each other for our bloopers. If the yellow pad is colored white, is it still called yellow pad? San ang noo? pwede bang lumangoy papasok ng work? hahaha. Just some of our stupid sounding arguments. Sounds utterly childish but hey it was fun!

Despite the long walk I took today, I actually enjoyed it. Aside from the exercise it was nice to clear my head while walking and think about things that I liked to think about. Got to enjoy some the sights as well. It took me slightly over 15 minutes to get from KLCC suria to Chulan tower. Parang Ateneo to UP Shopping Center.

Been thinking a lot lately. Turning 30 in three weeks time and I can't help but think about the past 30 years of my life. It has been one hell of a ride so far. I saw Mariel's blog and how she intends to celebrate her big day on the 20th. It got me thinking of how I want to spend mine too. This is the first birthday that I wont be home to celebrate it with my family or my friends. I used to celebrate it every year with a big party for the people who are closest to me.

Maybe its fitting that its going to be different this year. Turning 30 is really something I'm looking forward to and at the same time scared of. I guess it's a reminder that life is getting shorter.

My dream celebration? I want to go on a picnic. Just a simple picnic. I want to ride a swing and go down the kiddie slide. I want to play with kiddie bubbles and just walk around. Then I want to eat ice cream and cake while sitting on the grass. That is the perfect celebration for me.

Okay back to work...

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