Monday, January 22, 2007


My three day badminton bonanza took its toll last night when I pulled a muscle in my thigh. It's quite painful to walk right now especially when I'm going up and down the stairs. My leg started to cramp after our first game yesterday against the thais so I rested for a while. However the challenge of the game was irresistable so I still played. Charles and I partnered against Joe and another thai kid. The matches were quite even as the scores stood still for several rallies. Each set last over half an hour so just imagine the pain my leg was going through. After the games (we won the last set) I was ready to collapse on my feet.

Pulled enough energy back to muster my strength to go eat at the mamak with the guys. Nag volt in muli in our favorite place to be--kinrara. Had maggi goreng ayam once more. Yummy! I shared some of the calories to my dieting partner (ayaw daw niya kumain). We all called it an early night as everyone was tired.

My leg is still bothering me a bit. But it helped that got a nice relaxing massage last night. I can walk easily now. I only have a hard time going up the stairs.

It's so quiet here on campus and my two lone companions are my desktop and my laptop. Grabe nakakaantok!

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