Friday, August 19, 2005

Boys Night Out

I've always been one of the boys. Not by choice but somehow I just gravitate more towards the guys than girls. I realized that last night after another night out with my two partners Mike and Peter. We decided to get some after badminton dinner but it ended up as a drinking session at smokes (formerly perfect planet). Mike got drunk with coke while Peter and I had our traditional San Mig light. We pigged out on crispy tenga, liempo at mojos (they ran out of rice) and had a great time just hanging around. Our topics went from the most mundane (like kung bakit cute daw si *****) to the serious ones (why chizmiss sucks and other lovelife issues) and even magic (bagong apprentice ni David Blaine si Mike). We completely forgot the time and by the time we went home, it was already 3:30 am this morning. When Peter looked at my cellphone for the time, he asked me if it was indeed true-- that it was 3:30! Totoo nga!

Now I lack sleep desperately. Had to wake up at 7am to drive my mom to the psych convention. So I pretended to be awake, said a little prayer (that there would be no MMDA as I was color coded) and headed to UST.

I enjoy my night outs and conversation with the two mokongs of my badminton life. My sister is baffled with how we do it-- spend hours talking to each other without getting tired. Mike used to give up on Peter and me and our kulitan episodes (record: 8 hours!hehehe), but now, lumalaban na rin sa patagalan si bossing.

So is this really my path in life? To be the drinking buddy of the boys? To be their analyst of girls? hehehe. I really don't know. I don't mind-- I enjoy my time with them. Sometimes I wonder myself what makes me gravitate towards the boys more than girls. Always been that way. I guess I'm really not the typical lady. I was telling Peter during our pre-game tambay yesterday at SB that ever since the badminton bug got me, I stopped being kikay like most girls. If you check out my closet, it's almost 80% sports attire and only few girlie stuff exists. When I go to court dressed in a skirt, I get teased to death. Moreso when it's a dress. Peter told me di daw ba ko natutuwa na I'm not kikay. hehehe. Well I guess with the guys, its okay. But for my mom, she's been telling me to start being a girl naman at times. My mom often complains that her two daughters are more like two boys. =P

But still it makes me wonder if part of the reason why I'm still pathetic at dating and my attempts at love, is partly that-- I'm too one of the boys. Maybe Mr. Right sees me as a drinking buddy rather than a Ms. Right. Sad.

Because underneath all these, is still an ordinary girl, with the same hopes and dreams of all girls-- I may be tough on the outside, but I'm still a hopeless romantic inside.. I may be one of the boys, but I'm also a girl (even if I don't show it at times.hehehe).
If only he knew.

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