Sunday, August 07, 2005

Late Nights & Early Mornings

Last night I went home at a record breaking time (my latest to date) of 3:30 am. Was so sleepy driving home in the pouring rain. After dropping of Peter at Len's I zoomed to Katipunan and went straight to bed.

Mark's birthday was a great success. Laughed a lot, drank a lot, and smiled a lot. Had a lot of misadventures too. On our way home from Mae's I was backing out of a side street (which I admit I entered because I was too lazy to back out in the orig stree) and accidentally hit a light post. Fortunately it was only my side mirror. I really didn't see the post because of the darkness and I was also busy chatting with my friend. Ayan! disaster. hahaha. Dagdag na naman sa "stupid things that Hazel do when with Peter." (Peace po!) Medyo madami dami na ata ang bloopers ko eh.

Kidding aside, last night was fun despite the tiredness. Saw the lighter side of everyone. Karen had her usual red horse escapades with matching Houdini escape act. Galing mo tita karen! And George's chinese dialect was something I'll never forget. He takes home the honor of sleeping whereever, whenever he can make his escape...Emerson's bartending would either drive a bar into bancruptcy or get everyone drunk. Even if your beer is still half full, may kasunod na! But Mike was the champion drinker of the night. Bilib ako sa style! hahaha.Second place to Peter who did a mark/george just to get us finally home.Thanks for rescuing me in that last beer partner.. Nice also to see that the Pamilya Badminton was there. Missed seeing Kei in a long time. And Marekoy Jeanette's late night (or past midnight) kwento's were memorable as well. Naubusan kami ng English Marekoy!

Everyone who mattered was there and it was truly one special night.

Part of me wished the night never ended. Even if I was really dead tired. After our badminton at Metro with Lory, Berna and Piw, it had been a long day. But a very fruitful one that is. Even the rains did not dampen our spirits. While walking to the car, the rains started to pour quite heavily and I actually didn't mind. It even brought a feeling of happiness and contentment that I've taken for granted for quite some time.

Tita Nel told me last Thursday that I should enjoy the moment for what it is. That I shouldn't ask for more than what is already there because I'd realize that I can be happy with what I have. And that if things were meant to happen it will happen in good time. She's right. I have everything a person could ask for right now. Some might not come in the right packaging or others might be a little off somewhere. But still it is there. As I told Karen, the things that make me happy are right in front of me. I just have to appreciate it more.

This is my third late night in 3 days. My body is tired and I am too sleepy to even think of what I am writing here at the moment. Heck I may blurt out the great secrets of life and wouldn't even know it. But despite that, I wouldn't trade the past 3 days for the world. Not even for all the chicken and pork adobo out there (right mark?=P)

Thank you for being my angel. I don't know if I told you that but what you did for me will always be cherished in my heart.

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