Monday, August 15, 2005

Friendly Date

What is a friendly date? The concept was introduced to me last friday over dinner at Ella's by two guy friends of mine. Mike (Accenture) was telling Peter and I about his latest dating adventures and the concept cropped up during our dinner conversation. I asked them if there really is such a thing such as a "Friendly Date" and if there is, what is it?

Peter said it was dating but with no romantic attachments-- or rather dating but just as friends. But isn't dating hinged on the concept that it is a romantic one? I'm confused I guess. Can you really classify a gimik between friends as a Date when it isn't one? The conversation lasted for quite some time and I realized how different guys and girls are in the way they perceive things. Take the concept of dating, I don't know if girls ever think of dating as anything but romantic. Or maybe I'm the only abnormal one. hahaha. I guess for me, when I go out with friends, its just that-- gimik. But when its a date then it's a romantic date-- even if it's a first date, there is that underlying notion that you're actually thinking of this person as a possibility. Although not necessarily Mr. Right, but maybe just someone who could one day be a possible Mr. Right (or even Mr. Right Now).
The weekend breezed quickly once again for me. Ella's dinner party was fun even if I knew only two people in the party. Thanks to Peter and Mike (kahit late!) who made the dinner a laughing night. I had my share of bloopers again (classic hazel line na si rio locsin!) but really enjoyed bonding with the guys. Saturday, was addidas levelling day for the women of Shuttlesbest. We trooped early to Olympic Badminton to get the early slots. Unfortunately, Marie and I were levelled against Len and Macre which made us look like a couple of sandbaggers. How does one play against one's coach without looking like a fool, may I ask? hehehe. But it was fun. I decided to skip play in the afternoon to rest my aching back and just spend some time with my mom and sister at home. But I did play several matches still over at SB since the levelling ended early. The girls also had a lunch out at the Riverbanks foodcourt.

Sunday was the much awaited day for Karen and her doc. Finally they will meet. =) The group agreed to play against each other in a dual meet over at Pearl Badminton. The court was inside a semi abandoned mall where the parking looked something out of twilight zone. It was a cinema converted to a court. It reminded us of Tagaytay and the courts there. However in Pearl, you need a jacket to play. Otherwise you will definitely freeze to death.

The gang met up a Len's at 12nn and headed for Pearl at around 1:30 (bakit kaya late? hehe). The games were nice although to be pitted against a men's double team was not my idea of a dual meet. I wasn't successful in the women's doubles category but had a great game at mixed doubles. Peter and I went up a super sipag duo from Pearl who gave Peter a run for his money (and his laughter) because the guy from the other team was running all over the place. Mixed doubles would probably be my favorite event especially with a partner like Peter. Nahihiya akong magkalat. hehehe. Fortunately we won in three sets 15-2, 13-15, 15-2. I was surprised at my dilligence to run after the ball that day. hehehe. And we really had some swerte shots out there. Not to mention Peter's ability to run all over the court without being tired. After resting, I played another round of mixed doubles but this time with another guy whom I met only there. We played 5 straight sets without rest against a men's double pair who refused to let us go until they win. Unfortunately for them, they lost in all 5 sets. Lucky us especially since it was a first time partnership.

We left Pearl at 7pm--tired and freezing to death but happy nonetheless. The drive back to QC was marked by never ending banters again between me and partner. Our traditional driving conversations of kulitans and asarans. 7 of us went to dinner at the House of Minis (Len, Gab, Mark, Macre, Ella, Jonjon, Peter and I). We were so hungry that I actually finished my entire meal in less than 10 minutes. There was even a slight blooper because I didn't hear Mark's phone calls thus Peter, Ella and I ended up at our original dinner place Dampa only to uturn our way back to the House of Minis.

Afterwards we dropped off Ella at SB and headed to Len's. The guys had a drinking session while we girls provided the entertainment. By the time we left at 12:30am we were all ready to fall asleep dead tired. When I got home I just flopped to bed and was asleep within minutes.

My hectic weekend meant I would be cramming today. But what the heck, it was worth it. I loved every minute of it. And I sure did enjoy our games. I realized how much I look forward to weekends now especially being with my friends. And it doesn't matter whether we are in a jologs place or a fine dining restaurant-- it's the company that counts. We make every moment a happy one. And that's a good life.

I wonder what this week would bring..

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