Monday, August 22, 2005

The Ultimate Blooper

I thought that forgetting my rubbershoes during the Alfonso cup was the worst thing I could do in a tournament. Now I know there's something more worse. I lost my racket yesterday after winning my first match at the Smashroom Badminton Challenge in Pasig. It just disappeared from our things. I discovered the loss about 15 minutes before my 2nd match. I was at a total loss but I had to concentrate on the game at hand. We lost our 2nd game (I borrowed a racket from my partner but it had a higher tension and it was a different brand) in a closely contented fight of 23-25. Sad. I really had a hard time adjusting to the new racket since the higher tension meant less power. My arm hurt so bad after the game. Still it was a good game. We rallied from a 4-14 score to tie the game at 23 all. Lucky us, we managed to get back in the 3rd and 4th matches to qualify for the semifinals next week. I changed rackets (borrowed Peter's) and was able to adjust to that better. Our last game was the most fun since we already knew we would qualify iregardless of the outcome via the win over the other technicality. We just had fun.

My racket never turned up again. And worst thing about it is that I found out today that the insurance I got from Toby's is totally USELESS. They won't cover the loss because according to the agent, "there's no forcible entry" and they only cover burglary on court. My loss daw is classified under theft. As if naman someone will actually hold you up just for a racket. OR how do you forcible entry in a public event like a tournament where people just come and go. (Kaya warning to all would be racket buyers! don't buy the insurance na kasi money making scheme lang siya!).

It's very frustrating to lose something so valuable. I worked hard for that racket. It's a simple model actually--mid priced. But still it has a lot of sentimental value already. It's my first good racket. It's not one of those imitation rackets you buy in raon. I bought it out of my own pocket. Am I really such a magnet for tourney bloopers? I know its partly my fault because it totally slipped my mind na it was just there. But still, sad.

One good that came out of this blooper was I realized how blessed I am with friends. When I lost my racket, the people I was with were really helpful and they searched the court for the racket (although it wasn't successful). My partner, Taryn, handed me her spare racket immediately so we can still play. Then Peter came after our game and let me borrow his rackets for the remainder of the tourney. Since his racket was of the same tension as mine, it was a better fit than that of Taryn's. It's the nth time Peter rescued me from my bloopers and I'm really really thankful(Sana naman eto na ang huling blooper! Dami ko na utang sa yo partner eh!). Without him and the rest of my new friends from Smashroom, I would probably been so bad trip yesterday and I won't be able to play well anymore and would only feel more depressed. Thank you guys!

They say something good will always come out of a bad situation. True. I lost a racket but gained good friends. I realized now that someone will always help you out if you trust in the miracle of life. Despite the pessimism in the world, there are still good souls out there. And I am blessed with several of them.

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