Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Super Tired

I played a total of 16 sets of badminton last night. About 8 matches in all. And we played in a span of 4 hours. By the time we left SB at 1130pm, my legs could barely support me and each step was pure torture. This morning I was supposed to go to my doctor for a checkup yet I'm still here at the house. My arm and back hurts as well.

Still I enjoyed every last bit of the games last night. Been a while since I played straight sets with hard games. By the time I played my last match (a mixed doubles game), I was ready to collapse in court. Nakakahiya lang kay partner if I mess up so I still tried. =) But it was really fun. Laughed a lot during the game. Kulit pa ni partner. hehehe.

The night ended with a good meal at Burger Machine with Luis. We finally got to do what we've been planning for some time now--eat at Burger Machine. Yummy and cheap! =P

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