Wednesday, August 24, 2005


The past two days have been devoted mainly to badminton practice. Taryn and I are trying to prepare for the upcoming semis and finals (hope!) matches of Smashroom Badminton. Last night I played until almost midnight trying to practice both women's and mixed doubles (for addidas). By the time we left the court, Peter and I were almost ready to collapse. We played some really hard games yesterday especially when I played women's with a weaker partner. It took nearly all my strength just to score each of the 14 points we earned in the game. This afternoon, I was at practice again, this time at Smashroom. Taryn and I played against the women's level c players. After nearly 40 minutes of play, we won 1 set. It was so draining. Then Peter and I teamed up in mixed to play against Taryn and Larry. My back nearly gave out running after the crosscourt drops. Still, it was good play.

It's never really about medals and winning but in improving with every game. When I am able to do that I am happy iregardless of the outcome.

Now if only I could devote such effort to my dissertation. haay!

ewan. yan lang ang masasagot ko sa tanong nila. :)

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