Monday, August 08, 2005

Gratitude Blog

20 Things/people that made last week memorable

1. Family and Friends who are always there
2. Going on a blind date
3. Badminton
4. Tuesday and Thursday Badminton at SB
5. Ella and her friendship
6. Olie and the rest of my "babies"
7. Peter for sharing in my adventures and misadventures and not thinking I am crazy
8. My cheerers-- Karen and Macre who patiently await my emote moments
9. Len-- my coach-- kahit ano pang sabihin ni coach kupal ikaw pa din ang the best
10. George's chinese impersonations
11. Mike's cross court drops that inspires me to run on court
12. Dinner with Ves
13. Seeing old friends again (hataw na ulit!)
14. Finding my journal from 1998 and actually letting someone read it
15. Tita Nel and her words of wisdom
16. Kei and her cutey quotes.
17. Mark's birthday celebration
18. Karen's cheesecake (yummy!!)
19. Market Market Shopping with Mom
20. Walking in the rain (that reminded me of the quote from alias grace)

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