Monday, August 29, 2005

Sweet Victories, Some Bickerings & Shopping for Lipstick

After winning my first championship trophy last saturday, I was fortunate enough to be tapped to play in another tournament yesterday afternoon this time for the South Manila Badminton-Manila Adventist Hospital dual meet. I played mixed doubles. The MA team won 440-385. My partner and I won all our matches despite bickering on court. It was a different feeling from the previous day when victory tasted so sweet. Part of me actually didn't enjoy the win last night. I guess I just didn't enjoy the game as much as the previous day. And I realize now that it wasn't just the game that made me become bitchy. I didnt feel I played that well personally because my feelings were getting to me. I actually had several "kalat" moments there. Unfortunately I don't think my partner and I gel as a partnership. But despite that, we did put up a good game judging from the fact that we actually won. I guess I was just tired also from the night before that I didn't like it when I could nearly feel my partner's racket smashing to the sides of my face. Or when my partner was complaining he was too tired as if he was doing all the work. Badminton is a team sport and you have to trust your partner enough to know that he or she can play a decent game. I'm not claiming to be an ace badminton player nor am I pretending or assuming to be one. But siguro naman I can also play a decent game. Honestly I wished I had a different partner but I did try my best. I didnt want to let the team down. I didn't want to let my friend Karen down. But most of all I didn't want to let the game down. So I played for the love of the game. My patience was just extra thin that I couldn't help but finally bitch on court. And I apologize for that.

Anyway, there were other better moments--like Mark and Macre's winning form at level 1 mixed and Karen's comeback victory at mixed doubles. Plus our yummy dinner at hotrocks and my great escape at len's. I even got to drink my 9th mug of coffee (of my life).And who would forget Karen's bonding moments that sure did made us all smile. I wish nothing but happiness for my friend..

Today, was a total turnaround. The bickerings of sunday turned to a fun and laughter filled Monday. Since it was declared a holiday, I decided to take some time off from badminton (well almost) and do some shopping. I had no internship so I was basically free. I brought Ves to PGH after a hearthy family lunch and went off to Ella's for an impromptu gimik. Ella and I were supposed to watch a movie while I had my new racket stringed at Toby's. Peter joined us and we ended up pigging out at greenwich pizza instead. Imagine this-- we ordered one large pizza square, lasagna, nachos, potato stars and a pitcher of coke light and there were only three of us eating. We never got to watch the movie (as predicted) and ended up window shopping. Ella shopped for wallet but we ended up buying lipstick instead.
It was hillarious shopping for makeup when you're with a guy. Peter looked confused at our fascination about the various shades of lipstick (ano yon? amour, kiss and ??). I also found it a bit awkward and funny when we were checking out the seamless underwear (pano kaya yon?) at mossimo and the various bras at bench. It was fun just window shopping together especially when you get to try out the various clothes and stuff inside the stores. My favorite? The mad hatter hat inside 99 pesos store. Perfect match kay Peter. hehehe. I laughed so hard when Peter reminded me of my "wellcom incident" by warning me against the glass wall of penshoppe. Ay naku! di mo talaga papalimot sa kin yon no? :) Back to his usual makulit self again.

Ella never found her dream wallet nor did she get to buy her new phone but what the heck, it was fun anyway. Nagkulitan kaming tatlo all over the mall.Even the counter girl at greenwich was not spared. hehehe.
And sige na nga di mo na kasalanan this time partner peter kung bakit di kami nakanood!

Overall it was a great day. It was a great weekend as Karen told me. And overall it is one great month. I realized at lot things this month-- the most important of which is-- happiness is within my grasp and its mine if I choose to take it. And it has been in front of me all along, I just didn't see.

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