Thursday, August 04, 2005


After the great drama of yesterday, I was in no particular mood to wake up this morning. In fact I slept on a bean bag the entire night. I forced myself to sleep after watching one tree hill on star world. When I woke up Olie was crying for food (as usual) and begging to be let in. I got dressed and rushed out to beat the morning rush.

Then something funny happened. I received a YM from someone asking if I was the same "Hazel Ramos" he liked back in college. Back in UP I knew I had a namesake but I never met her. She was a classmate of my friend who thought it was me when the name was announced in class. Of course it was a different girl. But the funny part in this story is that his name is that of someone close to my heart. Isn't it ironic? That somewhere there's another me who is liked by another him. Ella said "hindi mo alam kung matutuwa ka o maiinis." True. Life can be a funny coincidence at times. But it sure did put a smile on my face. Wala lang. Natuwa lang ako-- that things like these do happen.

And it makes me wonder.

Happy birthday Karen!!! We will definitely miss you the next month. Walang maingay sa SB pag ala ka. Thanks for bearing with me yesterday.
You, Len and Tey were angels.


Anonymous said...

wow, nakakatuwa naman yun. Hindi ba talaga kayo yun??? Ang creepy pero kilig. Kung baga, in some parallel universe, kayo pala. hehehe


Hazel said...

hahaha. oo nga eh, in some parallel universe kami pala. wish!